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Recruiter : Hanjaya Gunawan

Hanjaya, an unyielding, people-centric professional, embarked on his career journey as a flight attendant with the prestigious Qatar Airways. By the age of 25, he had circumnavigated five continents, establishing a remarkable trajectory. Over five years, he garnered diverse experience in Business Development and Sales, making impactful contributions to sectors such as Tech Start-ups, Property, and Business Consulting. In his recent role as a Recruitment Consultant at a global agency, Hanjaya showcased his adeptness in HR recruitment across industries. With total of three years of expertise, he stands out for placing candidates at VP and Director levels, highlighting his talent acquisition proficiency in executive realms. His unwavering commitment to professionalism and adaptability in international environments are emblematic of his dedication to the recruitment industry, particularly as he focuses on Technical roles within the dynamic Tech/IT sector at WeNetwork. Outside his professional endeavors, Hanjaya emerges as a fitness enthusiast, a devoted gym-goer, and an avid culinary artist, specializing in the intricate realm of baking. Simultaneously, his spirit of exploration and adventure manifests through extensive travels, rounding out the facets of his dynamic personality.

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